Working at PTOL


PTOL has a global portfolio of clients and services rendered, it’s an important job, and one that requires smart, proud, passionate people working all across the world- people who will help us innovate our business and solidify our values.

We also realise that people are our most important asset, so we take care of our own, we ensure that people with the right combination of experience, energy and experience achieve their full potential through comprehensive programmes of learning and development.

Our team is guided by high professional ethics and kept up-to-date by continuous training, education, certification, coaching and knowledge sharing.


Why Join PTOL

To be part of the dedicated team making a meaningful contribution in growing the economy of Nigeria.

This team’s core business is Port Operations and our daily activities include the handling of various sea-bound import and export cargo to and from varying ports in the world.

Our work environment is driven by the PTOL Culture Values namely:

      Passion: Passion drives us to be enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it. We develop ideas, encourage greatness, and create innovative methods to remove barriers to growth by putting passion at the center of all we do.

      Integrity: Trust is built on the foundation of integrity. It is, collectively, our most valuable asset as an organization. Individually, it's a daily choice to treat clients and coworkers with honesty, fairness, and respect.

      Unity: Diversity is celebrated through unity. Unstoppable momentum and inconceivable results are created by combining the aggregate experiences, diverse abilities, and unique talents of every team member.

      Innovation: To take chances, stimulate curiosity and new ideas, learn from failures, and always seek to surpass expectations, innovation encourages action. We produce solutions for our clients and raise the bar — both inside our company and throughout the industry — via innovation.

      Impact: Impact represents the unfathomable potential of our shared ideals and collaborative effort to create positive, game-changing change and give exceptional service to our customers, coworkers, and communities..